South Africa awarded the WTTC Global Safety Stamp
WTTC Safe Travels
Oct 19, 2020

The World Travel and Tourism Council have awarded South Africa the WTTC Global Stamp of Approval.

In August 2020, South Africa received the World Travel and Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Global Safety Stamp of Approval as a destination, based on industry-designed protocols.

This approval made it possible for the Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA) to issue the WTTC Safety Stamp to tourism suppliers in the country that have adopted the health and hygiene protocols in line with global practice. This accreditation further emphasises the country’s commitment to ensuring that the health and safety of any visitors are of the utmost importance. 

What is the WTTC Safe Travels stamp?

This specially designed stamp will allow travellers and other Travel & Tourism stakeholders to recognise destination authorities and companies around the world that have implemented health and hygiene protocols that align with WTTC’s Global Safe Travels Protocols.

When seeing this stamp, you can rest assured that the respective operator is following the global standard in terms of Covid-19 protocols.

 The WTTC has published the protocols in a phased approach for several industries in the tourism sector, including; Hospitality, Attractions, Outdoor Retail, Aviation, Airports, Short Term Rentals, Cruise, Tour Operators, Convention Centres and MICE, Car Rental, and Insurance.

A working document

To guarantee the safety of not only travellers but those working in the tourism industry, the WTTC is working alongside a wide range of stakeholders. These stakeholders include governments, health professionals and the private sector.

The current protocols take into account the recent World Health Organisation and CDC guidelines, but they are living documents that update as new information becomes available about COVID-19.

Who is the World Travel and Tourism Council?

 “The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) represents the global private sector of Travel & Tourism, with a mission to ensure the sector is seamless, secure, safe, inclusive and sustainable. We raise awareness of Travel & Tourism’s value, not just as one of the world’s largest economic sectors, but also to the many communities and travellers enriched through their experiences.”

 For more information about the WTTC Global Safety Stamp, visit their website here

How safe is it to travel to South Africa?

To find out more about how safe it is to travel to South Africa right now and to understand how the country has managed the pandemic, we have compiled the latest information for you.