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What preventative measures can I take while on holiday in Cape Town and the Western Cape?
Safe Travels 3Cs
Feb 2, 2021

What preventative measures can I take while on holiday in Cape Town and the Western Cape?

After many months of planning and dreaming of your end of the year holiday, it is here! But in the back of everyone’s mind, no matter how excited they are about going on holiday is how do I stay safe and what happens if I get Covid-19.  As with any holiday, planning, researching, and preparation is key to a stress-free family holiday. And we are here to help you.

On the 29th of December 2020, South Africa was moved into Adjusted Alert Level 3.  And under the Disaster Management Act, there are a few rules one needs to abide by. The ones impacting you as a visitor relates to the movement of persons and mandatory protocols when in a public place.

Movement of Persons

Every person is confined to his or her place of residence from 23h00 until 04H00 daily, except where a person –
(a) has been granted permission through directions by the relevant Cabinet member, or a permit which corresponds with Form 7 of Annexure A to perform a service other than a service related to an activity listed under Table 4.
(b) is attending to a security or medical emergency.

Mandatory protocols when in a public place

A person –
(a) must, when in a public place, wear a face mask, except when undertaking vigorous exercise; and
(b) may not be allowed to be in a public place, use any form of public transport, or enter a public building, place, or premises, if that person is not wearing a face mask.

Read more about social distancing and wearing a facial mask here.

Traveling by plane?

Are you traveling by air, here is a guide to safer air travel in South Africa?

What happens when you arrive in Cape Town and the Western Cape?

You’ve checked in, unpacked the bags, and now ready to explore.  What do you need to do to stay safe, while enjoying your holiday?

To stay safe, just follow the 3C’s:

  1. Crowded spaces:  The Cape Town and the Western Cape are world-famous for our open spaces, nature, and outdoor activities. Avoid crowded areas and enjoy the outdoors in small groups.  If you need to be in a crowded space, remember the nose means no!  Read more about social distancing and wearing a face mask in South Africa here.
  2. Close contact: Stretch your arms, own the space and keep a 1.5m distance between yourself and someone else. The Western Cape is over 129 449km2 in size, and we only have 6.8 million people. So, there is a lot of space.
  3. Confined and enclosed spaces. In 2019, the Karoo was voted South Africa’s cleanest city in terms of Air Quality by IQ Air, and Cape Town’s US AQI is 5 (Good). Don’t stay inside, enjoy our fresh and excellent air quality.

What must I do if I think I or someone in my family is infected?

South Africa has conducted over 6,5 million Covid-19 tests in both our public and private health care facilities. The recovery rate is over 84%.

To find out what to do if you think someone is infected, read more here.



Traveller FAQs

Traveller FAQs

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