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Travel Restrictions for South Africa
international Travel During Covid-19
Aug 31, 2021

Lockdown restrictions seem to change as COVID-19 cases rise and fall which affects the traveling industry. The constant changes in South African travel restrictions may be enough to make your head spin, so we understand how confused some might get.

But the main question remains is it safe to travel to South Africa at this current time? In today’s article we are going to answer this question, and review any restrictions that are currently implemented. In adjusted alert level 3 as of the 26th of July 2021, this is what we know.

Restriction Changes

Keeping tabs of the changing levels may seem tedious so we’ve checked the current situation and right now all South African borders are open. All international travel is permitted to South Africa as long as passengers can provide a negative covid-19 test that is no older than 72 hours.

Airports that are in operation include:

  • OR Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg)
  • King Shaka International (KZN/ Durban)
  • Cape Town International
  • And all commercial seaports

There are no special visa requirements and pre-approval for business travel is no longer necessary.

Take a Covid Test Before Travel

Before you decide to travel you should consider taking a Covid test first to ensure you aren’t carrying the virus. You should also present this to officials when arriving in SA. Your test should include:

  • Your own name that matches the passport you are using.
  • The laboratory that performed the test must be included.
  • The words “PCR COVID NEGATIVE” should appear.

PCR Test Defined

PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction Test. This test is used to detect covid-19. The test was designed to detect the RNA virus and is done by taking a swab from inside the mouth. The covid test doesn’t include a blood test. This is the test you’ll need to present before you enter a country.

Upon Your Arrival to South Africa

On arrival, you will need to undergo a health screening. This includes:

  • A health questionnaire that you’ll need to complete
  • Show your negative test to port officials
  • Have your temperature checked
  • Screened for covid-19 symptoms
  • You will need to perform an antigen test

You may be required to quarantine or self isolate for 10 days when you arrive. This will be at your own cost. Children below the age of five do not require PCR test.

Oh No! I’ve Been Quarantined Now What?

If you enter South Africa before performing a test that has been validated you will be required to quarantine for up to 10 days. Other reasons you may need to quarantine include:

  • You show Covid-19 symptoms
  • Someone on the plane has tested positive
  • You have been identified as a carrier

Isolation Tips Include

Make the most of your isolation by following these tips:

  • Isolate in a well-ventilated room that has its own bathroom
  • Meals must be served without contact. Use disposable utensils
  • Take your temperature often and document any changes

Final Thoughts

It’s still possible to travel to South Africa and have an amazing vacation. Don’t let covid-19 steal anything else from you. Book your travel vacation and experience all South Africa has to offer. But follow rules and regulations so you can enjoy your stay.




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